Methuen Soccer

Parents and Players,

Welcome to The HGR Winter Soccer League Session 2

We start in 4 short days. In order to keep everyone as safe as possible, make all as comfortable as possible and abide by state guidelines, the following is necessary. Thank you for your understanding as we work hard to provide a positive outlet for your kids.

Check in for week one will be outside our building at the HGR tent. Please check in to pick up your league pinnie.

Week 1 check in - If a line forms, please wait outside socially distanced along the side of the building. We have marked the appropriate 6ft space holders.


The schedule is now live. In order to view your schedule please visit and click the schedule link on the main page.

You will see a 6-week schedule as of now. After the 1st 6 weeks are played we will seed teams and add the playoff schedule times.

LiveBarn Video:

1. No spectators will be allowed inside the building. However, we have signed up with, and installed LiveBarn, a company that broadcast all live events from indoor facilities such as ours.

LiveBarn requires a monthly or annual subscription that will allow you to watch any event taking place inside our facility. You can also watch on demand for 30 days, download entire games/practices and save and share 30 second highlights.

To sign up for Live Barn, please go to and use the following code to receive 10% off: 2115-lax1

Once you have registered for Live Barn, all you will need is a wi-fi connection and a device to watch from. You can watch from home, your car, anywhere that has a wi-fi connection.

Our Wi-fi at HGR is as follows: Login: HGR Guest PW: HGRGuest

Covid Protocol (Phase 3.1)

Masks covering both the nose and mouth are required to be worn at all times by players, coaches, officials and HGR employees.

Air flow - We will keep 3 side doors open as well as be running our large industrial fan to allow proper air flow and quality throughout the facility.

As many of you know, Massachusetts has rolled back to Phase 3.1 of the re-opening process due to the pandemic. What does that mean for the program(s) your child is enrolled in?

In Phase 3.1, Soccer is considered a moderate risk, which means we are allowed to run leagues and clinics indoors provided we allow no more than 25 participants in the building and all participants must be wearing masks. Our Soccer League requires teams of no more than 10, so the league will meet State guidelines.

General Information:

All players must show up to the field in whatever apparel / equipment required for their event. You cannot get changed in our facility nor will we allow equipment bags of any kind. This includes backpacks.

We cannot provide water according to Governor Bakers current COVID guidelines. We suggest you bring your own, pre-filled water bottle that is clearly labeled and keep it on the sidelines for your games. Please make sure to spread your water bottles out on the sidelines if you do choose to bring them.

Unfortunately, any water bottles that are left behind will be thrown away.

We will permit coaches on the sidelines. Coaches must wear masks at all times. 2 coaches per team maximum, and we would prefer only one coach if possible.

Please show up no more than 10 minutes prior to your scheduled game time. Please do not get out of your car any earlier than 5 minutes prior to you scheduled game time.

If the game scheduled before you is not finished, please wait outside socially distanced along the side of the building. We have marked the appropriate 6ft space holders.

Games will start on the hour, exactly on time, regardless of how many players are ready or in attendance. Game times will be 55 minutes long allowing 5 minutes for the completed game to exit and the new teams to enter the facility safely.

Players, coaches and workers will enter the garage door down the side of the building and exit the door closest to Osgood St.

Lots of rules here, but please remember, our goal is to provide a fun and safe environment. Your help is greatly appreciated.

The HGR Staff