In-Town Registration

It’s easy to register online for our In-Town Program - Spring 2014 U5-U13 In-Town Registration

- If you registered for Fall/Spring Combo this past Fall, you will be returned to your SAME TEAM automatically and ARE NOT required to purchase a new uniform OR register in the system for the Spring.
- If you registered for FALL ONLY and wish to register again for the Spring season, there is NO guarantee you will be placed on the same team and therefore are required to purchase a new uniform regardless of the Team you are placed on and you must register for the Spring Season in the system.*

*The pricing and uniform deal for the Fall/Spring Combo Players was ONLY available to families that made the commitment to play both Seasons at the time of Fall Registrations and can not be transferred to any player(s) that signed up for Fall Only or who did not pay the balance in full prior to the Start of the Fall Season during Fall Registrations. Thank you for your understanding. -MYSA

Did anyone in your family ever play for Methuen Youth Soccer when we used the SportsPilot system? If you have, then please log in using the link above and follow the instructions in this short YouTube video to create ONE account for the whole family. It will take all the individual registrations and put them under one Family account, including duplicate registration entries you may have. This will make registration easy for the entire family!

How To Convert Existing Individual Accounts into One Family Account Video – Click Here

Never used SportsPilot before for any of your children/siblings within Methuen Youth Soccer? Use the Create a New Family Account option and watch the short video below to see how easy it is to do!

How To Create A New Family Account Video – Click Here

Looking for Travel Registration? – Click Here for more information

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