Head-to-Toe Checklist

Checking the Player “Head-To-Toe” Checklist

Prior to every game it is the responsibility of the Parent first, then Coach and finally Referee to make sure that every player is properly dressed and ready for play. A Head-to-Toe check must be performed. The concern is that every player be dressed appropriately for play according the rules and policy of the league. The primary state, county and town association rule to be considered is the “dangerous equipment” ruling. This ruling is as follows. No player should be allowed on the field of play if they are deemed to be wearing dangerous equipment.

Dangerous equipment includes the following, but is not limited to this list:

• Any cast or splint, regardless of any padding.
• Hair Control barrettes of hard materials (i.e., metal, plastic).
• Earrings of any type. Band-Aids or Taping is not considered safe.
• Jewelry of any sort. (Medic-Alert & religious articles may be worn if taped securely to the body by the player or player’s parent/guardian)
• Joints of leg braces that have abrasive edges (i.e., metal rods, plastic slats, showing Velcro).
• Hats or other headgear (other than new protective padding headgear made specifically for soccer head balls).

Other important points of clarification:

• Common eyeglasses are no longer made of glass and are safe most of the time.
• Ace bandages and wrappings of cloth or tape are usually safe.
• Footwear is safe, if upon inspection there are no toe cleats or rough edges.
•Screw-in soccer shoes are usually safe. However, exposed metal is unsafe.
• Footwear that has been altered in attempt to comply will not be permitted.
• Taping or band-aids over new piercing is prohibited. No earrings may be worn.

Required Equipment:

• Uniform (includes shirt, shorts and socks that should be worn over shin guards)
• Shirt must be tucked in
• Shin Guards (Travel players must have shin guards fully covered by team socks)

THIS IS METHUEN YOUTH SOCCER ASSOCIATION’S POLICY REGARDING PLAYERS WEARING DANGEROUS EQUIPMENT The Board is fully aware that there have been and will continue to be inconsistencies in the enforcement and/or interpretation of this policy. First, we need to remember that our in-town referees are children and young adults. They will not catch everything, let alone remember to catch everything. A standard practice with league and association in- town play is to rely on a process whereby the Parents are the first line of defense, then the Coaches and lastly the Referees. Hopefully we can rely on the first two lines of defense being Parents and Coaches to catch and enforce the rules and policy.

Remember to check each player from Head-to-Toe:

__ No hats, or hard material hairpieces.
__ No earrings (no tape or Band-Aids covering earrings) and other jewelry.
__ Full uniform with shirt tucked in.
__ Shin guards (under socks).
__ Soccer cleats or sneakers with no toe cleat or rough edges. Footwear that has been altered in an attempt to comply will not be permitted

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