AGM Information

Bylaws 2017 for Ratification
-Board positions will begin from July 1 – June 30th
-Replaces: Board positions will begin from August 1 – July 31st
-Reasoning: Due to the short window of time from Spring to Fall seasons, allowing the new directors, members to take their positions starting in July gives them the ability to train and set up the Fall season officially.

-Adding Assistant Development Director(s), At-Large to the positions
-Replaces: Referee and Coach Director
-Reasoning: Instead of having one person overseeing each individual aspect of development, it is in the leagues interest to have a team working on the development of the program using their strengths in the areas that they are needed without being limited to only one side of development.

-2017-2018 Budget with Fiscal year change to December 1 – November 30
-Replaces: Fiscal Year of November 1 – October 31
-Reasoning: This will allow all end of season business to be completed within the budget year before starting on a new budget. It makes tracking for the Spring/Fall seasons easier as well as for accounting/tax purposes.

-Signing requirement removed from Treasurer position.
-Reasoning: As suggested by both the accountant and bookkeeper to have the Treasurer who oversees the account removed to avoid a conflict of interest.


– U4 Division Director
– U8 Boys Division Director
– Assistant Development Director(s), At-Large
– Equipment Manager
– Publicity Manager
– Vice President


– Vice President
– Development Director
– InTown Director
– Travel Director

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