Become A Coach

Our governing body, MA Youth Soccer, has changed our process going forward to keep our children safe. Please follow the instructions below to register as a Coach:

1) Coaches register in SportsPilot as a coach under the division(s) you would like to coach in.
2) Register and Cori with our State Program, MA YOUTH SOCCER ASSOCIATION following the instructions here:

Affinity CORI/Registration Tutorial

3) All coaches, new (InTown and Travel) and returning (InTown or Travel that have an expiring Cori), must attend one of the two Coach Info Nights available below to receive your new credentials for the season. If you have not been shown to have completed the concussion or nutrition courses to date (or are a brand new coach) you will be asked to stay at the end of the Info Night to complete the two videos and receive your certificate (Please fill out the form at the bottom of the page to register for one of the two Info Nights)

MYSA Coach Handbook

The most important part of this:
No person may be on the fields training the children without these credentials on them. If you do not have your credentials during practice, League Officials will be required to cancel your practice and send families home. If you do not have your credentials during a game, the Referees will be required to cancel the game and send families home. This is non-negotiable, so please keep your credentials, once you receive them, with you AT ALL TIMES


Please contact Katie Hennessey, MYSA Development Director with any other questions about the program.

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