MYSA Night at the Revs Spring 2015 – Sold Out!

We are SOLD OUT! We will see all 250 of our paid families this Saturday with Burgers and Hot Dogs in tow!

Date: Saturday, May 23, 2015
Tailgating begins at 5:00 PM, Game starts at 7:30 PM

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Bonus NE Revs vs. LA Galaxy Game

Methuen Youth Soccer!

Do you love attending the Revs Games? Do you like the discount price you can get as a member of Methuen Youth Soccer? Do you want to see NE Revs take on LA Galaxy on home turf? Well have we got a deal for you!

Click the link below and pick your seats using promo code: METHUEN to get the discounted tickets for this game on Sunday, May 31st!

Please note: This game is NOT the MYSA Night at the Revs game that is being promoted, that game is next week on May 23rd vs DC United and there is NO MYSA sponsored tailgate for this LA Galaxy event. This sale is being passed on to our members as another night they can attend the Revs at a discounted price

Here are the actual group prices for the tickets (it will show up as face value until you click on the seat):
· Category 3: $18 per ticket (face value $27)
· Category 2: $25 per ticket (face value $39)
· Category 1: $35 per ticket (face value $50)

Promo Code: METHUEN

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MYSA Fall 2015 Registrations are now OPEN

Fall 2015 Registrations are now OPEN!

Full Year Registrations (U5-U14 InTown and Travel Players only) – sign up in the month of May for Full Year and receive a FREE Methuen Youth Soccer Scarf (while supplies last) with your registration (will be handed out with your uniform on Opening Day this Fall).

Team Hair Doozies for Girls (optional) – while checking out, don’t forget to add a Doozie to your cart for this year ^_^

Fall Skills Clinics – U7/8-U9/10-U11/12-U13/14 (optional) – Sign up for the Fall Skills Clinics for our Recreational/Competitive Players (4 weeks on Mondays) during your registration and save $10 (must be done at time of registration). There will be no discounts given after During Registration pricing at the time of league registration, prices will be at Regular price on the website for those who decide to sign-up later. All clinics are run by our professional Challenger coaches as a part of our partner program.
Fall Skills Clinic Pricing:
Regular Price (U7/8-U9/10): $55; During Registration Price (U7/8-U9/10): $45.
Regular Price (U11/12-U13/14): $65; During Registration Price (U11/12-U13/14): $55.


What League am I in?

U4 Mini Kickers: born between 9/2/2011 thru 9/1/2013
U5 League: born between 9/2/2010 thru 9/1/2011
U6 League: born between 9/2/2009 thru 9/1/2010
U8 League: born between 9/2/2007 thru 9/1/2009
U10 League: born between 9/2/2005 thru 9/1/2007
U13 League: born between 9/2/2002 thru 9/1/2005

U10 League: born between 08/01/2005 – 07/31/2007
U12 League: born between 08/01/2003 – 07/31/2005
U14 League: born between 08/01/2001 – 07/31/2003

There is NO playing up or down in the leagues due to our insurance requirements. Players that have not proven their date of birth at the start of the season by either showing a birth certificate, passport OR recent doctors physical with the DOB printed on it may be unable to take the field. You MUST register within your current age bracket, no exceptions.

What is the difference between InTown and Travel?

Travel is our Competitive Program. Children try-out in May and register by June 15th to be considered for a team. Teams are then chosen based on the try-out rankings. Travel is a full year commitment with two 90-minute practices per week with 4 home games and 4 away games in other towns.

InTown is our Recreational League. Teams are formed at random and play each other during the season. You can stay on a team by choosing full year as a registration option in the fall. InTown can be played season by season or as a full year option. U8-U13 has one 60-minute practice per week and all games are played InTown.

How do I register as a Player or a Coach?

U4 Mini Kickers, please click this registration button to be taken to Challengers registration system:

U5 – U14 (InTown and Travel) please click this registration button to be taken to our SportsPilot registration system:

Where do I find more information about my league?

Click on the INTOWN tab above and use the drop down menu to choose your league or if you are a travel player, click the TRAVEL tab above and use the drop down menu to find what you need.

We are new to the League and have no idea where your fields are located, how do we find out?

Click on the INTOWN tab above and use the drop down menu to choose “Field Locator”

My child didn’t get on the team I requested?

We do not guarantee any teams (except between fall to spring seasons for Full Years as they will automatically return to their team from the fall the next spring).

When and where do the kids play?

U4 Mini Kickers – U8 play on the MKS Fields in Methuen on Sundays.
U10 play on the Gill Ave Fields in Methuen on Saturdays.
U13 play on the Ashford Fields in Methuen on Saturdays.

U10 Travel play on the CGS Fields in Methuen on Saturdays
U12 Travel play on the Hampshire Road Fields in Methuen on Saturdays
U14 Travel play on the Hampshire Road Fields in Methuen on Saturdays

These fields are permitted for use by the City of Methuen or generously donated by outside groups so please, clean up after yourselves (do not leave trash behind), NO DOGS and NO SMOKING on the fields as per the town ordinance.

I missed the registration deadline, can I still sign up?

Unfortunately, no. Fall Registrations open in May and run through August 1st and Spring Registrations open in October and run through March 1st. Registrations are accepted for several months for each season. Our deadlines allow us just enough time to create teams, find coaches, run state ordered CORI checks on all adults intending to work with the kids, order and receive uniforms, and register all with the state by their deadline. If you contact us after the deadline, we will add your email address to the reminder list for the following season.

How can I help the League?

We are glad you asked! As an all-volunteer group, we are always looking for volunteers on Game Days and during Special Events as well as Coaches for the season. Please sign-up in SportsPilot as a Coach with your child if you would like to Coach (no experience necessary, we host clinics and have a great Development Group to help you get started) or fill out our Volunteer Form available on our website through the link or through the tab above “About Us” and the dropdown menu option “Volunteer”.

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MYSA Spring 2015 Raffle Fundraiser

Dear MYSA Families,
By May 1st we will post the Calendar Raffle with the prizes for the Month of May. There will be a winner each day of the month.
You can purchase a raffle entry for $5 at any MYSA Tent or online through the Paypal link in this post. No one is automatically entered. You must purchase a ticket as there is no fundraising was not included in your registration this year.

Full Name, League & Team:


Click To Enlarge Calendar (click again in the new window for full resolution):

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MYSA 2015 Spring Clinics

Spring Clinics for Competitive and Recreational Players will be held on Mondays (April 27th – June 15th; there will be no clinic on May 11th or Memorial Day, May 25th) this season @ Hampshire Road Fields

U5 – U10 Sessions: $45
U5/U6: 5 pm – 6 pm
U7/8: At Capacity as of 5/4/15
U9/10: 7 pm – 8 pm

U11 – High School Sessions: $65
U11/12/13: 5 pm – 6:30 pm
U14/High School: 6:30 pm – 8 pm

*****Please use the payment button above for your league FIRST before filling out the registration form. All registrations received without a payment will immediately be removed from the roster. We will not contact you for unpaid registrations that are removed.*****

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